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Salmonella food poisoning risk for Vegetable
Protein results in recall of chips, soups and dips

March 10, 2010

Please be aware that according to Thaindian News, there has been a recall of several chips and dips due to the fact that there is a recall for vegetable protein products in the chips, soups and dips due to a salmonella food poisoning risk.

The FDA has recalled the T. Marzetti vegetable dips, Castella Chicken Soup, Homemade Gourmet Tortilla Soup Mix, and numerous products by Tim's Cascade Snacks and even the products of Earth Island's "Follow Your Heart".

The Basic Food Flavors Incorporation manufactures all these products, and they notified the FDA of positive Salmonella results last month. If you have any of these products please contact the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and they will give you further instructions. The website is:www.fda.gov.

These products are particularly dangerous for immune-compromised, young and old people. For more information on recent food borne illnesses and poisoning, check out this sitewww.pritzkerlaw.com/salmonella/.

New fertility study shows women
lose 90% of their eggs by the time they are 30!

February 2, 2010

We always knew that fertility begins to decline as early as 27 but researchers had no idea that by the age of 30, the average female has already lost 90% of them. This new study was carried out by the University of St. Andrews and Edinburgh University in Scotland. This new information could explain why many women feel a strong "biological clock" tick as they get into their mid 20's. Perhaps it is indeed their bodies signaling to them that their fertility has a limited amount of time. It is a fact that women are putting off having children until their thirties, especially those women who attended college. There could be a correlation between this and the rise of babies born as a result of fertility treatments or doctor intervention.

Women in the 1950's often did not attend college, and in fact, many were married right out of high school or soon there after. The man often wanted to be able to purchase a home so the couple put off having their first child until they were in their early to mid 20's, which agrees with the Office for National Statistics. They put these women at approximately 26.3 years old by the time they finished having children, which is well within the optimal fertility window. The study looked at 325 women of different ages in the U.S., U.K., and other parts of Europe. By age 40, only three percent of ovarian eggs remain, researchers determined. And not only do women run out of eggs at a certain point, making it difficult to conceive, but the quality of eggs also deteriorates. Women can help to stretch out this window by avoiding pollutants, environmental as well as alcohol, smoking and being overweight. The study encourages women to take this information into consideration when planning for a family.

My two cents on the whole Michael Jackson story

August 1, 2009

OK, I really tried to hold my judgment back, but as a month has gone by and in place of facts in the form of an official cause of death and toxicological results, as well as tissue microscopic examinations of what I assume will be not just the missing brain, but all of his vital organs, we simply have the Celebrity TV talking heads bringing on the same people on daily basis to discuss their "possible" relationships with him and how they all knew he was going to die.

No wonder the police are investigating, knowing someone is in imminent danger of dying by their hand or another's is a crime. Is it a coincidence that one of these talking heads is a recovering alcoholic who is pimping her book at the very mention of the words "drug" or "addiction". Hey what the heck a lot of other people used the tragedy that was Michael Jackson's life as a way to make money for herself.

What really ticks me off here is that since his death he has been labeled as anorexic, a chronic multiple drug abuser, and if that is true, well then if he was so doped up all the time and using Diprivan constantly to sleep, when did he have time to be a dad? He must have been an absentee father and neglectful in this drug haze, right? Well, actually not according to someone who I DO believe...his daughter. Her raw, truthful and heart wrenching speech let us all know that all those horrible things people have been saying about her dad are not true. He, by her account, was ALWAYS a wonderful father. The children are all well mannered and according to the staff who have been interviewed, all of them were well educated and even wore uniforms when it was "home-school" hours. Many of these sessions were often monitored by Jackson, and according to an interview with his personal chef, Kai Chase the children were kind, thoughtful and Jackson never seemed to be on drugs, or out of it, and even usually ate both lunch and dinner with his kids (You can check out the article byclicking here)

So what does that leave us with? Here are some facts...Mr. Jackson by admission not only had a hard and stressful life, but was often beaten severely by his own father. He was also severely burned while filming a Pepsi commercial in the 1980s. That event left him with severe second and third degree burns, as well permanent bald spots in certain areas of his head. He admitted that he became dependent on prescription pain medication as the weight of his trial pressed down on him, but he sought help and as FAR AS WE KNOW until a toxicological report says otherwise, he had not relapsed. In fact even IF he had narcotic medications in his home, it could have been due to when he broke his leg or injured his back. Doctors can not continue helping an addict get narcotics, but they can and are by law allowed to prescribe an ex-addict narcotics if and when medically appropriate and with the required monitoring like random drug tests or random pill counting. So even if he did take narcotics again, it does not mean he relapsed.

All of these people's stories... from the "nurse" who he supposedly begged to get him the drug in question, (Umm.... I really doubt Michael Jackson ever begged for anything except for some peace that he sadly cannot find, even in death), to Uri Gellar and Deepak Chopra, supposed friends who would go on CNN the day after he died talking all this smack about how they warned him, and he was trying to get drugs out of Chopra etc.... well if they were so concerned, why did neither get an intervention together, or call Child Protective Services since 40 Zanax a day plus other alleged meds would clearly make him unfit to make decisions for or care for those kids...no one was shouting FIRE then...strange, eh?

The sad facts are that even Rock Stars get older, he was 50, and had a stressful life at least 45 out of those 50 years. He also had autoimmune diseases which put him at high cardiac risk. He hadVitiligo and had not been trying to bleach himself white as was widely reported by other "friends" of his in the 1990s. This autoimmune disease is most likely responsible for the rest of the reported baldness seen at the autopsy from unknown, but surely reliable "insiders".

Michael Jackson also had Lupus, another autoimmune disease which has more serious and often life threatening complications that can go along with it, including sudden cardiac arrest. In fact, according to the Lupus Foundation, heart disease is now the number one cause of death for people who suffer from Lupus. Lupus can affect every major organ system in a person's body and could easily have been the cause of death. Lupus can also cause terrible joint and body pain that could have merited the use of narcotics. Former narcotic addicts can safely and responsibly take narcotic medication if medically warranted according to the FDA, and DEA's guidelines.

In closing this long rant of sorts, I want to say: remember that this was a human with feelings, just as his children have feelings and seeing as they just lost their father, they should not have to suffer the pain and indignity of having their father labeled an addict or anything else. We should let this quiet down until all of the facts are known and then the proper people will take the proper action if there is anything to be done. Until then anyone who keeps speculating or giving inside scoops is just another parasite trying to make money off a dead man and torturing his family and kids....I think that should be a crime.

The Future of Diabetes Testing

June 25, 2009

When we think about testing for blood glucose we often think about pricking a fingertip and testing a drop of blood. This is very painful and inconvenient for most people. An international committee of experts have recommended a test called the A1C assay, at the American Diabetes Association's 69th Scientific Sessions over the weekend. The findings from this meeting could instigate a change in the way diabetes is diagnosed, the American Diabetes Association said.

The A1C assay has been used for nearly 30 years to determine how well a patient controls diabetes, and is a more stable, reliable test and tool for diagnosing patients. The A1C test consists of a simple blood test, is easier on the patient and more convenient than the two tests commonly used for diabetes -- the fasting plasma glucose and the oral glucose tolerance test. The fasting test means the patient has to fast for 12-14 hours which is very hard to do and the Glucose Tolerance Test forces you to drink a horrible sickly sweet solution in a very short amount of time, and then you have to wait at the lab to have your blood drawn an hour later. Trust me, that test makes even the strongest person want to vomit and it often gives false positives, especially in pregnant women. Pregnant women are naturally glucose intolerant and will test higher, causing them to be falsely diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This causes unnecessary daily blood tests and restriction of carbohydrates to keep the baby from becoming too large. The actual reason is that you are on a strict diet and the baby is smaller because it is not getting the variety of foods it would normally get. There are very few cases of actual gestational diabetes in which insulin is necessary in order for blood glucose control. In fact the guidelines used in the United States to classify a pregnant woman as having gestational diabetes would be well within the normal range in several other major industrialized nations.

The advantage of the A1C is that it tracks blood glucose levels over a 120-day period, providing a long-term view that takes blood glucose spikes and dips into account without making them the primary focus. The lowest and highest results are thrown out and a percentage is obtained in which 6.5% is the cut off point for diagnosing diabetes. Those who have results of 6.5% or higher are considered diabetic. Individuals with A1C levels running more than 6%, but not quite as high as 6.5%, are considered at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

"The American Diabetes Association supports the concept, supports the use of the A1C to diagnose diabetes, and just has to look at the implications of it, and the implementation of it," said Richard Kahn, Chief Scientific and Medical Officer for the American Diabetes Association, who was part of the committee." "Using A1C in diagnosis would be particularly useful for determining whether patients have type 2 diabetes, which is more difficult to diagnose than type 1", said Dr. William Bornstein, assistant professor of endocrinology at Emory University, who was not part of the committee. However they go on to say that the current means of diabetes testing and diagnosis is more than adequate, and that using A1C is more costly and takes longer (3 months), and therefore there is no rush to switch treating methods even though it would indeed help prevent some cases of type 2, by making people aware that they are at risk.

Switching to this A1C assay still only requires simple blood tests, is far more accurate but is not currently being considered as becoming the next standard of diagnosing diabetes as there are still far too many "incentives" from blood glucose companies such as free meters, discounted strips and even discounts on other expensive non-diabetes medical supplies from large pharmaceutical companies to stick with the current standard. This is wonderful for all of their bottom lines, but not for the patients or the future of their diagnosis and care.

Urgent Health Message
Unacceptable Contamination Risk
for Some Colonoscopy/ ENT Patients

March 25, 2009

Miami Veterans Affairs Healthcare System officials announced Monday that thousands of veterans who had colonoscopies in facilities in Miami, Florida, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and Augusta, Georgia were at risk of contracting hepatitis and HIV. This disturbing information came to light when hospital officials said a review of safety procedures found that the tubing used in endoscope procedures was rinsed but not disinfected.

While the Miami Health Department has said that, "the risk of infection is minimal", there is still a real possibility that people may have been infected at the worst, and at the least these people are very concerned about their health. The Veteran's Administration has notified more than 6,000 people who underwent colonoscopies between May 2004 and March 12, 2009 at the clinic were notified and offered free testing for infections. Since these patients were notified via a letter sent by U.S. mail, anyone that had this procedure at any of these clinics should call for more information and to set up testing.

At the VA clinic in Murfreesboro alone, over 6,000 patients were notified that they were at risk. In Miami, on Monday, the VA sent letters to 3,260 people who may have been infected, and the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center in Augusta, Georgia also said it had "recently notified 1,200 veterans they may have been exposed to infection when undergoing ear, nose and throat (ENT) procedures between January and November of 2008."  This breach of standards for maintaining health and safety is so egregious that Representatives Kendrick B. Meek, D-Florida, and Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Florida are requesting an official inquiry by the inspector general of the VA.

For more information on this contact the Veterans Administration.

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